My First Post: SXSW Part 1

It is with an inordinate amount of geeky pride that I start my first blog post with the following statement: I have finally attended SXSW.

Preparations for this weekend of legend started several weeks ago. My coworker shared her schedule with me, as an example of how many events I should register for in the same time slot. She also suggested that I wear sneakers and dress in layers. A good friend shared maps, plans and lists that he made from previous visits to Austin. He also recommended that I purchase both an external power source and a cool multi-outlet that includes USB slots.

I built my schedule five or six events deep for each time slot. I RSVP’d “YES” to every event invite that came my way. I registered for multiple lounges, not knowing how many sponsored shelters I would need to try before I’d find a place to recharge myself and my Mophie.

And so, I descended into Austin.

First things first: Food. My coworker, Erin, steered us to Iron Cactus, where we had an amazing meal. (Please note that I am not a food blogger!)

Next on the agenda: Parties. We started at a wine-tasting, hosted by TrackMaven. There was a selfie-stick, and … well …

Credit: Geoff Livingston

We talked, we shmoozed, we laughed. Then we headed to 6th Street for another party. There, we found a massive crowd, a dance floor covered in black lights, and glowing dancers hanging from trapezes. Somehow, it became 1 AM and I excused myself.

First Full Day at SXSW!

My first morning consisted of:

  • Breakfast tacos at the WeDC House
  • Networking at the Beaconfire Lounge
  • Figuring out what I was going to attend that morning
  • Getting completely lost in the Austin Convention Center
  • Ultimately going to a session on drones and archeology
  • Realizing that a session on Women and Digital Literacy was taking place at the same time
  • Sneaking out of the first session to get into the second

And then, it was time for lunch.