About Me, Writing About Me

At the request of an organization I'm working with, I'm attempting to write a professional profile of myself. And it's kind of making me batty.

I'm not frustrated beause I don't like talking about myself (chances are good that you follow me on Twitter, and already know I'll share a ton of ridciulous random things about myself, my husband and my cat).

If I were asked to make a list, I could tell you lots of random things about myself. For example:

  • I am left handed.
  • I used to practice Tai Kwon Do.
  • My Bat Mitzvah torah portion was "Ki Tavo": Deuteronomy, verses 1-8.
  • I didn't eat pizza until my senior year of college.
  • I used to collect "Eloise" paraphernalia.

Image credit: [Going On A Book Hunt](http://goingonabookhunt.com/2010/10/26/life-at-the-plaza/)

I guess the problem is that I'm not being patient with my story. Or perhaps I'm getting distracted by the details of the story. For example: The fact that I once I discovered social media, I signed up for every single social network that I could get my hands on (in?) may not really be relevant.

I can make myself anxious when it comes to getting assignments completed. But I guess I need to let this one sit for a bit, while I try to decide what would be of interest to the audience I'm addressing.

I'll figure it out. I might need to over-write and overshare a bit and then slash it in half in order to get there, but I'll figure it out.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
― Jack Kerouac